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Jan 5, 2013 5:00am PST
the taxes go up because the expiration of the tax cut first proposed by obama. this tax raised for the vast majority of wage earners was basically a foregone conclusion. the rarest of things in washington a totally nonproposition. grover norquist shrugged it off. >> obama was the guy who said this is a tax holiday. calling it a tax holiday suggests they viewed it as temporary. holidays aren't permanent. >> you may say the parties to this deal were trying to reduce the deal. and saved $100 billion. well, yes. but then congress came around and pass sensitives, breaks that will cost $68 billion in this year alone. in other words, congress saved money by allowing taxes of wage earners to go up and it took 72% of those savings and turned around and gave them a way to, among other nascar to subsidize racetracks, hollywood to subsidize film production and wall street which maintained a $9.4 billion loophole called the active financing reception. all the back and forth over the fiscal cliff and top marge anal rate and chain cpis these deals were never discussed or negotiated over. there's always a
Jan 6, 2013 5:00am PST
and was the least prukive since world war ii. >> and it did specify their agenda as far as blocking president obama from doing anything and it's arguably been successful. >> but it doesn't work in both directions. and this is kwooe. harry reid in the opposition opposed the warrantless wire tapping and his president from his party gets in and all of the sudden he wants to give hymn due deference but the republicans remain in lockstep and the reps say they want to block everything the president does. sandy can be, don't want to block this. >> so it begs the question where is the tea party. the boston tea party would have violated the u.s. patriot act. >> but some members did in the senate, they did -- >> and rand paul particularly. >> right. so i think there was some of that tension but it just wasn't enough and there were a lot more people -- there is this sort of, whether it's true or not, this sort of security vein that runs through the republican party that's supportive of that so you peel off a small portion, not a whole party to move -- >> but -- i'm not defending it. >> this is the part that h
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2